The Beauty Of Letting Go

I have always been a control freak.  Who isn’t?  There is a sense of comfort and control when we well, CONTROL things! However, this passed year and a half have taught me that having control over every little situation is not realistic and will actually slowly lead you to suffering.

Our minds are really funny sometimes. They like to play tricks on us and make us feel like something bad is happening, therefore fear should be approaching, and we either freak out or we try and control the moment by suppressing our feelings (whether that be with alcohol., drugs, shopping, etc). What really needs to happen is for your mind and body to experience the fear and take it all in- and then let go. Have those thoughts and fears just leave like a passing cloud. Because in the end, that’s really all they are right? Just thoughts. They aren’t who you are. None of the nonsense that we think about is ever who we are.

It’s funny because I’ve realized that when I actually don’t have any stresses or controlling thoughts of how I feel or how I’m suppose to feel; I feel uncomfortable. Our minds are so used to a certain way of thinking that once it stops, it feels weird. Well, I say embrace the weirdness! This means you’re on your way to happiness – without the control you thought you needed to get to that point.

If you are struggling to enjoy life’s precious moments because you are too busy in your head, here are some tips that might help you get out of yourself:

  1.  It’s not always about you. Focusing on yourself too much actually makes you miss out on the people and experiences that are going on around you. Try volunteering or doing something that will help others and you will see that it makes you feel a lot better because your focus was shifted.
  2. Practice meditation. This can be in any form. TM, Mindfulness, whatever works for you. But you should have about 10 minutes of deep breathing in a quiet room to just recharge and relax.
  3.  Exercise. You don’t have to join cross fit to feel better. I’m talking about 20 min a day of cardio, or a long walk, or jump rope, jumping jacks; something to get your heart racing for a bit. You will end up feeling better throughout the day. Trust me.
  4. Get rid of caffeine, alcohol, and sugar from your diet.
  5. Be kind to yourself, your body, and your mind. Take care of yourself. Make a cup of tea and relax, dance around to your favorite song, sing out loud around the house, laugh, smile, and practice gratitude.

I hope this post makes you see things in a different perspective. Remember, life isn’t as bad as you think it is. Let go of the control and begin to live your life.

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