Sweet Potato Brownies

These delectable bites are a great and healthy treat without the guilt! 

Hey guys! I wanted to feature a recipe from Dr. Axe that recently caught my attention. Dr. Axe is a very well known Chiropractor and Nutritionist. He has written books such as “Eat Dirt” and “The Real Food Diet.” His meal plans are very paleo based which is definitely more of the direction I take when I eat as well. This recipe caught my eye so I thought I would share it with you guys!

I have really grown to love sweet potatoes. I get made fun of at work because I bring them in almost every day for lunch, but I can’t get enough. Baking with sweet potatoes adds great texture, taste, and can replace artificial sugars in your recipes. So going forward, if you are getting rid of sugar in your diet and don’t know what to use?- Try out a sweet potato! They are rich in Vitamin A and C and B vitamins. This recipe also includes avocado, yay good fats!

Dr. Axe has a big influence on me and has taught me that whole foods and healthy microbes are so important for our overall health and well being.  Getting rid of sugar and grains from my diet has been life changing. I feel more energized, healthy, less brain fog, and well rested. Try out these sweet potato brownies and you won’t be disappointed or miss the sugar.  Honey and applesauce are used as sweeteners as well. Raw honey and organic applesauce are recommended, since they have natural sugars with no added artificial sweeteners or additives.

Benefits of a sugar-free diet ( and I don’t mean cookies that say ” sugar free” on the box are ok to eat- nope!)

  • Less brain fog. Eating a diet high in sugar can impair memory and cognitive function.
  • Reduced risk of metabolic syndrome, heart attack, and the list goes on. Sugar is one of the main causes of obesity right now. Sugary drinks, excess carbs( which turn into sugar once digested), snacks, desserts, etc- all contribute to poor health and can lead to diabetes as well.
  • Sugar affects the brain. According to Dr. Axe, eating less sugar can lower your risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and depression.
  • More energy and less crashes during your work day. Eating high protein snacks throughout the day with less sugar in them can regulate your blood sugar without the cravings and blood sugar crashes. For people who have trouble staying asleep at night, be careful what you eat a few hours before bed. Having a snack before you sleep that is high in protein, such as a handful of nuts can prevent this blood sugar crash throughout the night and help you get a more restful sleep.


I hope you guys enjoy this recipe!

Be well,


You can find the original recipe here

References: https://draxe.com/the-depression-diet/

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