Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats

Overnight oats is super simple to make! You can really get creative with it and add in all your favorite fixins’

Step 1: Invest in a mason jar. These jars are amazing and are a great way to store your favorite nuts and seeds. BUT also great for making overnight oats because of its air tight seal and because it looks cool, so duh.

Step 2: Fill your jar halfway with your favorite milk base. I usually use coconut milk (unsweetened vanilla) or almond milk.

Step 3: Fill the other half of your jar with ..guess what? OATS. I used regular rolled oats by Bob’s Red Mill.

Step 4: The fun part. Add in your favorite fruits, nut butters, vanilla, cinnamon, whatever tickles your fancy.

Step 5: Mix ingredients with a spoon and swirl around all the goodness in that jar. Place lid on top and put in the fridge..you guessed it, overnight!

I would say Step 6 is to devour and enjoy the deliciousness but I think you get my drift.

xoxo Allie